We welcome donations of all kinds!

At Abigail Adams Preschool, we promote reduce, reuse, recycle and develop a sense of community awareness within our classrooms.

- Time or expertise

- Volunteer in the classroom

- Volunteer to water or weed our gardens

- Help us plan and build items

- Unused items: books, kitchenware, plants, electronics, newspapers, grass clippings, tape, paper, corks, wire, wood, etc. (Anything will be considered.)

Our school accepts ongoing donations of recyclables that may have some sort of artistic potential including, but not limited to, the following items:

- Milk caps and milk jugs
- Corks
- Baby food jars
- Canning jars and lids
- Film canisters
- Cardboard egg cartons
- Rocks and shells
- Paper towel tubes
- Bubble wraps
- Old picture frames of various sizes in usable condition
- Old Compact Discs
- Yarn, string, buttons and spools
- Pine cones, Acorns, Small twigs
- Dried flowers
- Maps/Atlases
- Stationary/note paper

Please contact us to arrange a donation at (617)249.4477 or email

Thank you to our wonderful community for the continued love and support. You have embraced us so deeply and we appreciate you.